seek to contribute and inspire progression through positive experiences for people and the world we live in. This design is joy, brought through beauty, simplicity, and progress.

You break it, you bought it…!

We dropped off our work for the 100 Grand Show put on by the nice guys at Nice gallery. See the work along with 100 other Grand Rapids artists on Friday December 16.

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Macaroni and Pretzel Glyphs…!

The peep:glyphs show and had a good turnout, as with the rest of the Free Radical Event this year. It’s always great to see new work and happenings.

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Another year older…!

Hair on our faces.

Starting from scratch…!

It’s been a while, I admit. Come see us at the Free Radical Event in downtown Grand Rapids, October 29, 2011. We’ll be at 62 South Division in the show Peep:Glyphs.

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Magic Mountain

Come play some mini-golf on our super course at UICA‘s 19 Holes— the show will be open March 5–31, 2011. Won’t you have some fun once in a while?

Unibrow, for all…!

In other news, we’ve got a new project in the works with Ambrose. And you’ll be able to buy it, sending the proceeds toward the youth program. And we’re also working on a somewhat-related mini golf course for UICA‘s 19 holes. You can’t wait!

Ambrose Collage and Collaboration Workshop…!

We’re taking a trip to Holland to lead a creative workshop with students from the area— thanks to Adam Weiler who’s been putting together this great educational after school program. Holland, Michigan that is. More details here.


See the finished confessions wall, filled out by some of the 100,000 visitors to the UICA this year for Artprize. Download the wallpaper and read it yourself!
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Confess Process…!

We have been working hard on the Confess wall this week. Things are coming together and we will have it ready for the ArtPrize opening on Wednesday. Be sure to stop by UICA and write your confession. Read the rest of this entry »

Revue Review…!

Pick up a copy of Revue magazine around West Michigan if you have a chance. They put together a short overview of our work which will be at ArtPrize this year, alongside some other local artists. Revue pp 62-63

You&I at the GRAM…!

Stop by the GRAM this Friday, June 18, between 5 and 9pm to enjoy live artwork creation, while listening to interviews with some of the area’s most successful young design-focused entrepreneurs. Say hello or just watch as we create some brand new work live on screen, along with three other artists. Check out for more info. See you there.

At Artprize 2010…!

We have been busy putting everything together for our Artprize project for this year. We are very happy to announce that we have been invited to show our work at UICA. We’re planning an interactive installation that should produce some interesting results. Visit our Artprize profile to find out more.

Michigan Land of Riches…!

The Michigan Land of Riches show was great. Art Downtown brought a lot of people out and the space was packed. Be sure to check the Land of Riches website for open hours.

There will be a closing celebration Saturday, May 15 Noon–5 PM.

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Bigfoot Size Comparisons…!

Woah, now thats big.

Michigan Land of Riches.
Opens April 16

Scat and Bones…!

Ryan and I are working on a project at the Old Public Museum in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Things are progressing, and we have some interesting surprises, but expect to hear more as the date of the museum re-opening closes in.

Just Keeping Warm Lately…!

We’ve been enjoying the warm indoors since we’ve been seeing a lot of snow and cold temperatures out here. Until this past week, we took a bit of a breather from new projects, so now we’re playing with some new ideas. We are also getting involved with a good-sized project in Grand Rapids, which we can’t reveal much about yet, but it’s definitely going to be interesting. We’ll keep you up to date as details emerge.

Seasons Greetings…!


Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. If you didn’t receive one of our cards this year, be sure to send us your address, and we’ll  get something to you next year.

Shop You&I on Etsy…!

Entrance to Hell

If you missed out on UICA’s Holiday Artists’ Market last week, you can still buy some of our work on our Etsy online shop. Click here to have a look.

The booth…!

Here’s our booth at the UICA‘s Holiday Artists Market this year. If you don’t have a chance to come around, we still have some goods, so say hello and let us know what you like.

UICA Holiday Artists’ Market…!


We will have some new work for sale at UICA’s Holiday Artists’ Market, December 4 and 5. These recent projects give new life to repurposed materials and unwanted goods. Above is a picture of some of our woodland creatures, which is a part of a larger series of found and renewed objects. We will also be selling a variety of items including: posters, t-shirts, and drawings. Happy Holidays!



Check it, David and I created a collage for the second annual 50×50 Artshow.

Art Battled…!


The art battle had a great turnout. We spent three hours cutting, pasting, spraying, and drawing, and then we put the final together with a projector, a quick set of lighting videos and an interactive button built from an old video game controller to top it off.

Congrats to Pat Perry on doing even more great work. Thanks to Neil Hubert for organizing a great event.
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Art Battle 09…!


The fists are gonna fly Saturday, November 7 at 955 Godfrey 10 PM.

Watch us create a piece of art from scratch on a 4×4 canvas in under three hours. A grand prize of $500 will be awarded to the artist with the most audience votes at the end of the night. For details visit

Buy some leftovers…!


Since I will be moving to a more permanent location soon, I have been packing and digging through old things. I found some extra posters that I made last winter. It is silver ink screen printed on a 25″ x 38″ sheet of  Neenah Cosmos Black. I have a couple left. Get one for just $35.

Buy Everything! now…!


Yesterday we cut up the Everything! drawing into 18 individual pieces. Each piece is 14″ square. It’s all drawn terribly, but there are just so many great things that people thought up. Click here to see it divided or download the wallpaper. The pieces are available now or will be sold at the UICA Holiday Artists’ Market December 4 – 5.

Each piece is $30 or ($40 shipped) and includes a list of everything on it— or at least everything we could track down.

Woodland creatures, and other new work brewing…!


Since ArtPrize is wrapping up, we have had some extra time to start working out some new project ideas. We’ve had a lot of great discoveries around the local antique and thrift shops over this last week. Check back in the upcoming weeks to get a peek at some further progress.



We worked on a drawing this summer and submitted it to ArtPrizeWe collected lists of things to draw in 5 books that were handed out to family, friends, and acquaintances. The drawing, titled Everything! includes over 1,000 things from those books, such as: ice cream licking people, lazers, and a famous person Mount Rushmore.

Download the Wallpaper



We just made a new blog and launched it today. Check back in to see what’s going on with us, and get a glimpse of the projects we’re working on.